We are very excited to announce that Phase 1 of the Front Entry Garden is nearly complete. Long in conception, last March 18, 2016, The DPS Hub Farm officially received a very generous donation from the Town and Country Garden Club of $18,000 to go towards the design and build of the front entry. We are very humbled and appreciative of their support of the mission of the DPS Hub Farm.

20160831_133603_29191014650_oIf you’ve passed by the entrance to the Hub Farm, you don’t know all that exists behind the unassuming sign by the road. We’ve developed a barn, production gardens, a floating lab and ponds, a discovery garden and more. It’s hard to believe that all these agricultural learning activities are tucked behind Eno Valley Elementary, Holt Athletic Association, and the Public Library and not visible from the road! To demonstrate the magic of Hub Farm to the passer by and visitors coming in, the front entry gardens demonstrate innovative stormwater management practices, fruitful and ecologically sound plantings, gathering and work spaces for students and all visitors, and easier and safer access paths throughout the area.

img_7016_29400739341_oPhase 1 work on the front entry gardens kicked-off with the NCSU Water Quality Extension Agents, who came out at the end of June to lead a two day workshop with professionals and High School Summer interns. At this workshop, high school intern students learned side-by-side with professionals to build the raingardens that were installed in the front entry. The high school summer interns, 5 of them, then spent 5 more weeks working on the layout, weeding, mulching, and planting of the whole space.

img_7019_29400735451_oIn August this summer, after the rains had stopped and the real heat set in, three gathering terraces were created with local Chatham County boulders and recycled concrete stormwater basins. These unusual pieces create large viewing ports into the garden. A winding path that is designed to be ADA accessible leads from the sidewalk from Eno Valley and Holt Athletic Association to the main drive to the barn. Tables, benches, raised planters, and a diversity of plantings in the gardens demonstrate everything from edible plantings, to meadows, low maintenance edge plantings and pollination gardens. Parking spaces are also defined so that more students can safely gather in the front. With signage, our donors, partners and mission will be made public. Demonstration gardens and plantings will be explained, and students can leave their mark and memories about the Hub Farm to share with others.


We want all to feel welcome, to know how much we appreciate the community and all that it provides us, and for students to have more space to explore, see opportunity, and engage with our partners.If you would like more information, or to get more involved in the development of the Front Entry Gardens, please contact us at dpshubfarm@gmail.com!