Interested in helping the Hub Farm grow?
Do we have opportunities for you! See below for more information.

Five Ways to Get Involved at the Hub Farm in 2022! 
With spring just around the corner, we’ll soon see students on field trips and in the garden. We need your help to get everything in tip-top shape for our students.
Ready to get your hands dirty?
Great! First, you must register as a DPS volunteer. 

1. Weekday Garden Volunteers – Join us in the garden to prepare and amend soil, sow seeds, transplant baby plants, remove pesky weeds, and more! Guaranteed to learn something and get as dirty as you’d like. Sign up here. 
2. Classroom Volunteers – Join Durham Public Schools newest Outdoor Education Teacher for class with K-5 graders. You’ll be going on guided walks around the farm or doing outdoor activities in the courtyard next door. Sign up here. 
3. Field Trip Volunteers – This spring, the Hub Farm will host over 1,000 5th graders over the course of 15 field trips and we’d love your help leading a station, chaperoning a group, or taking photos and conducting student interviews. Sign up to volunteer here. We will contact you about an orientation prior to your volunteer date.  
4. Weekend Workdays – We have a few dedicated Saturdays on the calendar this month and next for some facility upkeep! From gardening to small construction projects, there’s sure to be a way for you to share your skills. Sign up here. 
5. Weekend Animal Care – We are looking for a few more people to add to our Spring 2022 animal care roster. Visit on your own on the weekend to check on our animals. Sign up for orientation here. 

Other Volunteer Tasks Include:

Fundraising: Are you good at dreaming up fantastic events that bring the community together and raise money for a good cause? Do you have experience in development and grant writing? We’d love your help! The Hub Farm relies on donations, grant funding, sponsorships, and benefit events to operate. Help us build partnerships with other for-profit and non-profit organizations to leverage and build capacity across organizations.

Hub Farm Volunteer Questionnaire

All Hub Farm volunteers must first register as a DPS volunteer.
    (All Hub Farm volunteers must be first approved by DPS.)