Hub Farm in the News

• June 2014 – Durham County Receives RWJF Culture of Health Prize from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Recognition of Outstanding Efforts to Help People Lead Healthier Lives!

Recognized as “beacons of hope and progress for healthier people and families,” Durham County was among six communities selected from more than 250 prize applications across the country.  Among the highlights of Durham’s successful application was Durham community leaders’ innovative approach to expanding access to healthy foods, including the creation of the Hub Farm. Learn more about the award here. Or check out this great piece describing all the creative synergy happening in Durham to make our community healthier! The Hub Farm is featured about four minutes into the video.


Fall 2013 – “Hub’s purpose is to empower students, no matter what their focus might be, and also to show them what can be done in a very small area with hand tools,” Rick Sheldahl notes in an Edible Feast profile of the Hub Farm.