Full Lesson Modules

Growth Analogy for Modules

Each learning module is broken down into 5 parts, outlined below:

  1. Seeds: This is the introduction of the lesson that states the essential questions and the lesson agenda
  2. Soil/Water/Sunlight: This section is background information or pre-learning that needs to happen prior to the lesson (vocabulary, definitions, explanatory videos, etc.)
  3. Roots: This is the lesson itself!
  4. Stem/Leaves: This is a time for students to explore the material, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding.
  5. Flowers/Fruits: Students show their understanding of the lesson by explaining what they learned through task completion!

Ecosystem Microhike!

In this lesson, students will learn the basic components of an ecosystem and get an opportunity to go on a microhike to observe ecosystems in action!

Grade Level: Upper Elementary

The Scoop on Soil!

This lesson is designed to get students thinking about the importance of soil to growth and thus all of life! We will discuss soil components, ways to test soil’s health, historic farming practices, and compost!

Grade Level: Upper Elementary and Middle School

Wildlife Poetry

This lesson is designed to teach students how to make great observations outdoors! We also discuss how to share these observations and the emotions tied with them by writing poetry. Click the image above to start the module 🙂

Grade Level: 1st and 2nd Grade

Freshwater Fun!

In this REFRESHING lesson, students will learn about the importance of freshwater for people, plants, and animals!

Grade Level: Lower and Upper Elementary

Location, Location, Location!

This lesson teaches kindergarden students words to describe placement and location of an object. Our chickens will help you learn prepositions like above, between, on top of, under, beside, behind and in front of in both Spanish AND English!! Click the image above to start the module 🙂

Grade Level: Kindergarten