Tours and Visits


The joys of learning (and eating!) outdoors!

The Hub Farm would love to have your class or organization out for some fun, active learning opportunities. Visit our new calendar and request form to schedule a field trip to the Hub Farm!

The Hub Farm is an outdoor learning lab for students, teachers, staff, and the community.

We welcome students of all ages:

  • Pre-K
  • Elementary
  • Middle
  • High School
  • College/University
  • Clubs

We offer three general categories of visits:

  1. Curriculum developed and led by Hub Farm staff and partners. Teachers not accustomed to teaching outdoors will want to bring their students to the Hub Farm to participate in a number of curricular activities, without adding additional work to their already busy schedules. For these teachers, the Hub Farm offers a variety of curricular activities that directly relate to subjects they teach.
  2. Teacher-driven curriculum. Do you know how to teach math by doing slope analysis? Teach literacy by having students read their surroundings? Perhaps you just need to get out of the class and exert your creative juices with your students! We encourage teachers to use the Hub Farm as their own learning lab, where they can discover and create their own curriculum and activities at the Hub Farm. Hub Farm staff will be available to assist and facilitate the class you want to teach and help you get the material and assistance you need. You’ll be helping us put together curriculum kits and develop the most educational, exciting, and fun curriculum there is!
  3. Project-based learning opportunities, both short and long-term. Tell us what you are learning in the classroom and let us help you make it come alive at the Hub Farm. We will help facilitate and put your ideas into action. Project-based work can be co-lead by a farm facilitator or run independently by the teacher and other professionals within the community. Projects can be a one-time experience, or run throughout the semester/year.
Digging in to scrumptious food!

Making some fresh fruit salad!