Fees & Cancellation Policy

Fee Structure

In order to continue to provide quality field trip experiences for students of all ages, we charge a small fee on a per-class basis.

Class instructional period is up to 3 hours in length (include time for lunch).

DPS Schools

Self-led (facility use only):  $75/class

Farm-supported (Hub Farm staff):  $125/class

Middle school teams (4-5 classes):  $400/team

*A class is defined as up to 30 students.

Outside DPS

Self-led:  $150/class

Farm-supported:  $300/class

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required from non-DPS entities.  


*Hub Farm trips and classes are offered at no cost to Durham Public Schools CTE students.

*Financial assistance is available to schools serving >50% free-reduced lunch students.

*EcoBloom and 8th Grade Science field trips are supported by DPS budget allocations.

Cancellation Policy


School Cancellations: If the school must cancel a scheduled field trip, the school must contact the Hub Farm ( at least one week (7 days) prior to the scheduled date of the trip. Schools may reschedule if there is availability.

Hub Farm Cancellations: Field trips will always be cancelled when DPS closes school or calls an early release or delay. In the case of adverse weather conditions (including but not limited to snow, very cold temperatures, heat advisories, thunderstorms, heavy rain, and other dangerous site conditions), the Hub Farm may cancel the field trip. Cancellations due to adverse weather and site conditions will be made by 2pm on the day before the scheduled trip. Schools will then be given the opportunity to reschedule if possible.

Specific cancellation thresholds:

    • Snow: over 60% chance with accumulations before the end of the field trip
    • Very cold temperatures: less than 32 °F during the field trip hours, OR if the teacher indicates their students will not have sufficient cold-weather gear
    • Rain AND cold temperatures: <50°F and >50% chance of rain during field trip hours
    • Heat advisories/Excessive heat warning: If there is a heat advisory (>105°F heat index) during field trip hours
    • Thunderstorms: If there is greater than 50% chance of storms during the field trip hours. 
      • Note: A chance of light rain does not usually impact field trips. Prepare students by asking them to bring any rain gear they have, and by using any lost & found gear. The Hub Farm may supply rain ponchos if needed.
    • Site Conditions: If staff deems the Hub Farm site unsafe for any other reason.

Note: given the ever-changing nature of the outdoor learning environment at Hub Farm, the staff reserve the right to cancel a field trip due to any safety concerns that may arise.