Our Biggest Fans

What our fans are saying about the Hub Farm!

“The site is a great educational center for elementary students. The staff are amazing in adding to the school curriculum. I wish all elementary students got to visit the Hub Farm!” – DPS Parent

“The Hub Farm was a really great for students in DPS to learn about nature, nutrition, science, environmental health and community services that help all students.” – DPS Teacher

“I love bringing my students to the Hub Farm because they get to experience hands-on learning within nature and I get to see a side of them I don’t get to see in the classroom. There’s also only so much you can learn from a book.” – 5th Grade Teacher

“The farmers were EXCELLENT with the kids. They allowed freedom for them to ask questions and express ideas while still keeping control on the group and providing fun and educational information!” – Non-DPS Teacher

“Being at the Hub Farm was the most exciting and realistic life experience ever. I loved the part when we would walk into the woods or just stand on the dock and eat salad from the garden. I also loved the part when the roosters and hens would coka-doo whenever we came in. Whenever the roosters and hens coka-doo it made me feel welcome. You guys put the fun in learning. Most of us don’t like to learn (I do), but we know as soon as we get to the Hub Farm we know that you guys have something wonderful in store for us. Whether it’s just harvesting vegetables or picking strawberries, the Hub Farm is always a joy. Whenever I learn something new at the Hub Farm, my heart leaps for joy. The experience I had at the Hub Farm was wonderful. I hope that future fifth graders will get to enjoy the same experience I had. Keep making people happy Katherine, Grant and Reid. The happiness you bring is always going to be appreciated. THANK YOU for a wonderful year.” – DPS 5th Grade Student

“I honestly thought the 5th grade was a bunch of papers and homework. But in the end, it was not. Some of the 5th grade was the Hub Farm.” – DPS 5th Grade Student

“You are the best farm ever. Every time I go there I can feel the happiness under my feet. I love the fresh air on my face.” – DPS 5th Grade Student

“We had a great time at the Hub Farm! I loved the hands on experiences. The staff was very helpful and super nice and energetic. We can’t wait to come back! – DPS 1st Grade Teacher

“The Hub Farm is really fun and important to kids education in the future so I want to thank you for this wonderful education you have given me.” – 5th Grade Student

“My favorite part was to go into the forest and discover what was inside the area, I felt like an environmental scientist.” – DPS Student

“The Hub Farm is a place where you get dirty without getting yelled at by your mother.” – DPS Student

“I’m recommending this place to all!” – DPS Parent Volunteer

“This was an EXCELLENT field trip for first grade! The staff are awesome at taking over as if it were their class! The kids had an amazing time and were so engaged! AWESOME!” – DPS Teacher

“Something cool I learned is if we just stopped littering and putting oil in the ocean, the world would be so much less toxic.” – DPS 5th Grade Student

“Each session was full of wonderful experiences for the children! These were priceless as most children do not get such opportunities. The salad creation, tasting the lettuce, finding a turtle, listening to the sounds by the pond – everything was educational and fun and the farmers and teachers were phenomenal and patient.” – DPS Teacher

“I liked the gardening because we got to try the different herbs and plants.” – DPS Student

“These are the best strawberries because they came from the Hub Farm!” – DPS Student

This was a great way to follow up on our plants unit, and it’s always wonderful to get the kids outside exploring nature!  DPS Teacher’s Assistant

The Hub farm was very educational in a relaxed and entertaining way. Our trip put Math & Science standards in the wonderful outdoors. Loved it! – DPS 1st Grade Teacher

I thought the experience was a great enrichment to what our students have been doing in class. We did the theory and this was the practical which will cement concepts they learned. I enjoyed the cooking because kids got a chance to see that eating healthy can also be delicious. The farmers/staff were great and kept concepts age appropriate. It was a wonderful experience. I loved it! = DPS Teacher

The student engagement was amazing. It was definitely worth the trip. – DPS Assistant Principal

Wow, as a parent I had such a wonderful time at the farm. I’m so glad I volunteered! – DPS Parent

This field trip provided a fun and educational experience. Nothing helps our children continue to grow and flourish more than environments like this Hub. Thank you for having us. – DPS Parent

The staff were all nice and pleasant. I enjoyed their interaction with the children. They were very focused and captured their interactive minds. This was a great experience. – Non-DPS Parent

We had such a wonderful experience! The staff were incredible! I loved that we were greeted in the parking lot and met with such kindness. I loved hearing how much fun the kids had and their new perspective on where food comes from. Thank you! 🙂 – Non-DPS Parent

A wonderful experience! The staff was very kind and friendly! The crops were delicious and the students were engaged! – Non-DPS Parent

“This was a very fun experience. It most definitely brightened my knowledge on the farming industry and environmental engineering. I absolutely want to come back before my middle school days are over.” – DPS STEM Scholar

“It was a fun experience that taught me how to be free with nature.” – DPS STEM Scholar

“I’ve never been to a farm before, but this was a very cool time. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before.” – DPS STEM Scholar

“This was the BEST field trip EVER! Thank you.” -DPS Parent

What’s YOUR favorite part about the Hub Farm? Contact us to let us know! We love to hear from students, teachers, organizations and community members!