Volunteers Needed for EcoBloom 2018!

This spring, the DPS Hub Farm is hosting another year of EcoBloom, a field trip designed for 5th grade DPS students to immerse them in all aspects of Life on the Farm, Forest Ecology and Watershed Dynamics.

All 5th grade students from 12 DPS Schools will be coming out to participate between mid-March to mid-May and we need volunteers to help run the show! Each day, there will be up to 100 students out at the farm with plenty of self-guided stops and one facilitated stop. Students will be broken into small groups of 10-12 and will visit each activity/stop throughout the day. We are in need of volunteers to manage self-led farm stops, facilitate groups around the farm, and guide students around the property.

EcoBloom Dates

Tues. 3/13-CANCELLED              Tues. 4/17

Thurs. 3/15                                      Tues. 4/24

Fri. 3/16                                           Tues. 5/1

Tues. 3/20                                       Thurs. 5/3 *RAINDATE

Thurs. 3/22                                     Fri. 5/4

Tues. 4/10                                       Tues. 5/8

Thurs. 4/12                                     Thurs. 5/10 *RAINDATE

Fri. 4/13                                           Fri. 5/11 *RAINDATE


*Raindates are reserved for trips that get cancelled due to weather and will be updated as necessary.


Volunteers will need to be available between 8:30am-1:30pm on each day of volunteering. We will offer two volunteer trainings at the farm prior to the first EcoBloom date (date TBD).

If interested, please sign up on this spreadsheet. Provide your email in addition to your name so we can reach you regarding EcoBloom!

Durham Public Schools requires that all non-student volunteers complete an online application prior to working on the farm.

Further questions? Email